Have you ever tried to buy something on the TOR network? We have. Do you know, how many cases have we received the ordered stuffs? Despite of we were really careful, it was about 30%. But now it's over.

We believe in the freedom of the internet and the TOR network, but a lot of impostor try to take advantage of the anonymity of the so called "dark web". But why do we call it dark web? It sounds like some illegal thing. And as long as the majority of the users experience not to get their packages what they paid for, it stays true. But we are going to change this, and this is the purpose we have created this page, to know, which vendor shops and markets (NEW!) are reliable on the TOR network. We don't want to call the TOR network as dark web, but free web.

We try to collect the available web shops and give you an opportunity to ascertain you choose the right one. But we are not enough for this, we need you also. A lot of shops being created so we kindly ask you to help us to improve our database with shops which are currently not found on our page by clicking on recommend new shop and send the domain and your experience with it.

Besides that, please vote and comment the shops which are known by you to have more feedback.

Don't forget, check the shops rating before you buy anything on the free web!

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Shop recommendation - 19 October 2017

Thank you for the shop recommendations that you gave us recently. Some of the recommended shops were in our database already, just we removed them temporarily to give the chance to the owner of the shop to clarify itself. Some of these shops have reappeared from today.

Please don't stop recommending more shops and markets to have a big common database!

NEW! - Markets

From now on, there is a new list next to the vendor shops: markets. We have tried to collect the available markets on the TOR network which give the possibility to vendors who have no own domain to sell their merchandise. Currently we have less evaluation and comments at markets, so please help to rate them!


We feel responsibility to warn you about the drugs. We collect shops which sell drugs, despite of we are not consumer and we are against drugs, since we think, this is also the part of the free web. But please consider it, that a drug from an uncertain source and with uncertain quality may damage your body more than one from reliable source.

We don't want to judge, but use your life for good things.

Please don't do this!

Nowadays we get offers to give better rating to certain shops for money. This is against the purpose why we have created this page. Please don't try to do this, it will be unsuccessful, only you waste our time. Instead of this try to provide better service to your customers.

Yes, of course, there are adverts in the page. We need money to maintain this page, but notice it, that all of the adverts are linked to the related comments and not to the shop's domain directly. The opportunity is always there to ascertain the reliability of the advertised shop.